There are two kinds of reports you need to run your business;


  • the slightly boring but necessary ones that those pesky people like HMRC require, and


  • those that help you run the business and provide the analysis of where you're getting it right!





"Information and ignorance are like light and darkness.... when light comes into your room, darkness must fly away."


Israelmore Ayivor, blogger


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Some of the "boring" ones


  • Aged creditors monthly report

  • Aged debtors monthly report  

  • Paye control account

  • Vat control account

  • Prepayments and accruals

  • Detailed Profit & Loss account (monthly or quarterly)

  • Year end accounts

Some of the "exciting" ones


  • Customer spend analysis

  • Marketing returns

  • Cash Flow

  • Profit projections

  • ​Retirement projections!