"Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works."


Steve Jobs, visionary


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We have extensive experience of business analysis or how businesses work, particularly in the operating model.


Our review can be as simplistic or complicated as you like. The simplest questions often provide the simplest answers, and some quite astonishing gains can often be made by small but important changes.



There are 3 main parts to any business operating model;





People - who does what stuff


Process - how they do stuff


Platform - the technology & systems they use to do stuff


By focusing on these 3 elements businesses can develop to fulfill their potential. Generally you are the best placed to deal with people issues, although we are happy to help and can you give you the benefit of our HR experience, but where we can really add value is with reviewing processes and looking at the platform(s) used in the business.


We adopt the KISS principle when we do review work - i.e. Keep It Short & Simple - Abraham Lincoln's Gettysberg address took only 2 minutes and 246 words, most of them of one or two syllables.


We use this approach when reporting to you.



Process review

Process review - here we look at all the processes involved and suggest where there is duplication, obsolesence and opportunity for change. 


We never accept business as usual or "we've always done it that way" as an answer in our review process. Innovation is our life blood, it's simply in our DNA, and we have masses of experience in this area.


You might well be surprised at how a modest spend could make a huge difference to your business.



Platform Solutions

Platform solutions - this involves a review of the sytems used (and there will nearly always be some no matter what the size of the operation) and suggestions as to where they can be improved.


In the rare case where there isn't much (or any) technology in place we can suggest suitable alternatives and oversee implementation.


We have significant experience in this area having implemented many new systems and have particular experience in using SQL for business intranets.