We have been involved with property both as investors ourselves and with Individual and Block Management for a long time. We understand the needs both of the individual single property owner to multi-property fund investor portfolios and also the unique demands of Estates.


We provide a comprehensive service includng the following:


Rent Collection including ex-pat landlords


Maintenance / Capital Improvement programmes


Companies House Filing

"Property is the fruit of labour; property is desirable; it is a positive good in the world."


Abraham Lincoln, US President


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Property Management

You will be allocated a specific administration liason executive to ensure that you have the best personal service backed with the breadth of experience of seasoned professionals in the firm. 


We believe this personal service provides the best basis for a on-going relationship: we understand your needs ~ (and dare we say, your foilbles) and get the best from your property for you - this attention to detail is often sadly misssing from our competitiors offerings.



Block Management



It’s simple - to save you money, enjoy smoother problem resolution and receive superior block management. By providing better management of your block we can cut your service charges, and we’re confident that switching to Functionality will save you money when compared to the conventional high street companies.